Contribution video processing, all applications

Highly valuable Live TV content, watched by millions, is global and continues to grow.  Therefore, enhanced picture quality and near-real time delivery is crucial to ensuring consumers are given the best possible experience.  News organizations, content owners, broadcasters, and service providers need to be able to capture, transmit and distribute content from remote, outside venues into studios or from studios to affiliates over ad-hoc satellite or fiber links with both simplicity and ease.

Typical applications include live event acquisition, content creation, production facilities/content hubs and content distributors with the delivery of the content delivered from one location to another over either satellite, fiber or unmanaged network.

Highest content quality, lowest latency

As content moves from one location to another during the production process, the challenge is to maintain that content at the highest possible quality with the lowest latency, as typically during the process it passes through numerous concatenations – each potentially impacting the picture quality and delay against real-time.

Ericsson’s Contribution video processing solutions ensure content owners and TV service providers can effectively deliver, control and manage high quality content efficiently and with minimal delay from any location over fiber or satellite links utilizing a managed or unmanaged network.


The quality of valuable video content is maintained throughout contribution networks and eco-systems by the support for a wide range of compression technologies and resolutions for each type of Contribution application in the video delivery chain.


Ericsson Contribution video processing solutions can offer the lowest latencies on the market today and deliver near real time experiences for consumers, a critical factor when choosing a Pay TV subscription service.


Ericsson Contribution video processing solutions can provide efficient content delivery for fiber, IP and satellite mediums over both managed and unmanaged networks.