From TV anywhere to TV everywhere

Liberating content from the strict confines of set-top boxes and other limiting hardware, Cloud DVR sets new standards in durability and scalability, making TV anywhere a reality for users everywhere. Our single silo solution ensures the fastest time to market, with fast customer penetration to match. With no expensive Customer Premise Equipment requirements, Ericsson Cloud DVR means that TV operators can be more competitive than ever. Capital expenditure is reduced, while operational expenditure reduction comes thanks to a drastic cut in truck-rolls, service calls and downtime costs. Ericsson’s Cloud DVR opens up new possibilities to upsell service plans, offering new revenue streams from advanced services and satisfying consumers with mind-blowingly advanced user experiences.

Bringing cloud advantages to screens everywhere

Ericsson’s future-proof Cloud DVR ensures constant compliance with rapidly changing local regulations, while flexible software efficiencies significantly reduce both Total Cost of Ownership and capital expenditure. A scheduler function facilities program/season/series recording and subscriber management. Featuring private-copy, shared-copy and hybrid models, with just-in-time transcoding and file-based de-duplication


Ericsson’s Software-Defined-Storage (SDS) component means that our Cloud DVR is highly optimized for video, and more than powerful enough to support increasingly high workloads.


Ericsson’s Cloud DVR is purely software-based, modular, linear and scalable, with open interfaces (APIs) for seamless integration with the existing ecosystem and multi-screen support with JIT processing capabilities.


Cutting edge distributed data protection algorithms, seamless fault tolerance and self-healing operations bring a new level of durability to the cloud.