Ericsson’s unified solution to a wide array of video processing challenges

Ericsson’s robust cloud-based video processing platform is bursting with a stunning range of capabilities MediaFirst Video Processing is a suite of applications which address the full media processing requirements of TV Service Providers. It is the single most advanced cloud-based and software-defined video processing solution in the industry, powering the very latest immersive TV experiences.

A COTS platform that creates endless new possibilities

The flexibility of MediaFirst Content Processing’s software and application-based design will ultimately enable operators to create a multitude of different processing functions and capabilities on a Common Off The Shelf (COTS) platform and cloud-based network. Use cases range from ad-hoc events and multi-screen viewing to Content Exchange & Acquisition applications, where users need different types of media processing functions at different times and different locations without having to invest in extra hardware or products.

Maintaining video quality with ultra-low latency

MediaFirst Content Processing is an efficient way for Content Providers as well as B2B Service Providers and Network Operators to deliver high quality content across Contribution Networks, with the lowest latency in the industry. In fact, MediaFirst Content Processing’s initial application is a very low latency UHDTV decode function, enabling new revenue streams and a more compelling consumer experience.


The initial UHDTV decode application will enable high value, quality content to be delivered at high bit rates and throughput, while maintaining integrity for content manipulation use cases across the video delivery chain.


Content Processing applications are enabled on a flexible platform, which gives customers the ability to activate future Contribution Media Processing applications as and when required.


Low latencies mean that consumers are able to view linear and live content as close to real time as possible, across a range of devices. MediaFirst Content Processing offers industry-leading latency in its initial decode application.