AVP 1000 Stream Processor

A highly configurable and easy-to-operate network adaptor for multiplexing and stream processing for contribution applications.

AVP 2000 Contribution Encoder

A future-proof Contribution Encoder that delivers uncompromising video quality without introducing additional latency.

AVP 3000 DSNG Encoder

The most flexible and scalable Digital Satellite News gathering (DSNG) encoder on the market

AVP 4000 System Encoder

Combining the most efficient video delivery with highest picture quality for direct to consumer and primary distribution applications.

C2 Compact Headend

A self-contained ‘headend in a box’, offering maximum simplicity and cost effectiveness, without compromise.

C2 Compact Headend Stream Processing

Dense, efficient stream processing that ensures high availability of TV services, satisfying consumers anytime, anywhere.

M6100 Satellite Modulator

The latest generation satellite modulator – built from the ground up for contribution, primary distribution and direct-to-home applications

MediaFirst Content Processing

An efficient application delivering high quality content, with industry leading low latency.

MediaFirst Stream Personalization

Truly dynamic ad insertion for Live and on demand OTT streaming

MediaFirst Stream Processing

Software-based stream processing application that ensures high availability and delivery efficiency of services on all broadcast and multiscreen platforms.

MediaFirst TV Platform

The next generation cloud-based TV platform is already here.

MediaFirst Video Processing Encoding Live

Software-defined, cloud-based application that enables the highest quality linear live video encoding for delivery to any screen

MediaFirst Video Processing Encoding On Demand

A fast, high performance software-based transcoding solution for on demand encoding and transcoding

MediaFirst Video Processing Management Controller

A cloud-based, software-defined video processing management tool, part of the Ericsson MediaFirst Video Processing application suite.

MediaFirst Video Processing Packaging

Video packaging application, enabling the distribution, personalization and monetization of multiscreen high quality video services, integrated across devices.


The world’s number one IPTV platform.

MX8400 System Multiplexer

The rock-solid keystone of Ericsson's headend architecture, robustly engineered for mission-critical stream processing applications.

nCompass System Management & Control

A unified system management platform for Ericsson Video Processing and third party products

RX8200 Advanced Modular Receiver

The world’s bestselling integrated receiver decoder with DVB-S2X and HEVC capabilities.

RX8300 Integrated Receiver Decoder

An integrated receiver decoder for swift and accurate turnaround of content off-air.

RX9500 Bulk Descrambler

A highly dense bulk descrambler that can handle multiple transport streams simultaneously.

Video Storage and Processing Platform

Meet and exceed your viewers' expectations: anytime, anywhere, and on any device.